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Sinosteel Refractories Company produces a batch of silicon bricks for coke ovens

The twelfth lecture on new knowledge of refractories was held in Kaifeng from June 8-10. Relevant persons in charge of the refractory industry associations in Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou Jin Jinuo, Liu Wei, Zhang Guodong, Li Zhaoxi, Yao Lingchun, Cheng Niansheng took turns to chair the meeting, and briefly introduced the main refractory raw materials in each province Situation and local governments

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Sinosteel Refractories Company produces a batch of silicon bricks for coke ovens

"The 12th Lecture on New Knowledge of Refractories " was held in Kaifeng from June 8-10. Relevant persons in charge of the refractory industry associations in Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou Jin Jinuo, Liu Wei, Zhang Guodong, Li Zhaoxi, Yao Lingchun, Cheng Niansheng took turns to chair the meeting, and briefly introduced the main refractory raw materials in each province The situation and relevant policies implemented by the local government around energy conservation, emission reduction and green development, and exchanged relevant experiences. The theme of the conference was "Symposium on Energy-saving and Emission Reduction of Refractory Materials and Bauxite Development and Application Technology".
Professor Li Nan reported that the stability requirements of alumina-silica materials such as alumina include not only their chemical composition and bulk density, but also their particle size distribution and surface quality. Recommendation: Both raw material and product manufacturers should pay attention to the particle size distribution to ensure the precise control of the microstructure of the shaped and amorphous refractories. In view of the fact that the raw mineral properties have a great impact on the clinker stability, raw material manufacturers should To study its effect on the composition of clinker particles, relevant government departments must give strong support to the stability of the source of the raw material production plant. The introduction of spherical aggregates may be an effective method to ensure the stability of aggregate size. The microstructure and performance may have a significant impact and are worth further study.
Professor Tian Shouxin's research, selection and calculation of thermal analysis of thermal insulation materials concluded that the ladle uses energy-saving coatings, nano-insulation boards, high-strength nano-micron castables, and low-thermal-conductivity magnesium-carbon bricks or AM carbon-free brick energy-saving structures. The results of more than a month of use have proved that the service life of 800 furnaces can be fully achieved, and the temperature of the steel cladding has not increased significantly, lowered to the level of about 2000C, which significantly reduces the energy consumption and steelmaking temperature. The technology can be further extended to metallurgical furnace equipment such as converters, heating furnaces, refining furnaces, rotary kilns, etc., which can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection, and reduce costs.
Professor Li Yong combined with the characteristics of China ’s aluminum-silicon series refractory raw materials, especially in the development and application of bauxite, he emphasized that the raw material properties of Henan, Shanxi, and Guizhou are different, even in different regions of the province. It is suggested that companies should make reasonable and efficient use of raw materials with different characteristics. For Al2O3 <45% low-aluminum raw materials, according to the application, SiC and "three stone" composite technology routes can be adopted. For low-aluminum raw materials with high potassium content, they can be made directly according to the situation. High-alkali mullite raw materials or "three-stone" composites; for mullite-based (45% <Al2O3 <80%) raw materials, they can be used in mullite-based aluminum-silicon low creep series, compounded with SiC, "three-stone" or Brown corundum composite production series products; for Al2O3> 80% high bauxite, brown corundum, carbon composite and non-oxide composite materials can be prepared. It is recommended that the industry pay attention to the application prospects of low aluminum content (Al2O3 <45%), further increase the density of mullite-based raw materials, improve the application space of high-quality dense brown corundum, and some aluminum-silicon systems need to be compounded with non-oxides.
Dr. Wang Gang introduced super nano thermal insulation materials (silica aerogel, mullite-reinforced silica aerogel, nano-powder fiber composite board, nano-powder fiber felt), microporous lightweight high-strength refractory materials ( High-purity alumina materials, mullite lightweight high-strength refractory materials, calcium-containing alumina-based materials), non-oxide lightweight refractory materials (silicon carbide lightweight, silicon nitride lightweight, and graphite lightweight high-strength heat-resistant refractories ), The preparation, characteristics, performance indicators and applications of infrared high-radiation energy-saving coatings (high thermal conductivity, high radiation and low thermal conductivity, high-radiation infrared energy-saving coatings). It is believed that the development of energy-saving refractories is endless, and super insulation, flexibility, Erosion-resistant materials and super heat-insulating, tough, high-strength materials. It is recommended to continuously improve and improve traditional thermal insulation and refractory materials, and learn from advanced material preparation technologies (such as polymer and ceramic technology) to develop new thermal insulation and refractory materials.
Professor Gu Huazhi introduced light microporous corundum, microporous alumina, and microporous clay in the case of refractory service conditions, severe consumption, high energy consumption, and poor slag resistance of current lightweight materials. Preparation of raw materials and performance indicators, porous structure materials can save refractory resources and reduce energy consumption. It is recommended that refractories companies should be refined, expanded, super, and new. Technological equipment and management services must be refined; product applications must be expanded; technological research and development must be advanced; new knowledge must be absorbed and continuously innovated.
Professor Yuan Lin introduced the use of Ruitai Technology's low thermal conductivity multilayer composite mullite bricks in large cement kilns. By optimizing the design of the working layer and the insulation layer, and studying the bonding strength of the composite structure and the joint, the problems of large thermal conductivity of the working layer and the insulation layer, poor thermal shock resistance, poor structural stability, and low production qualification rate have been solved. Comprehensive thermal conductivity 1.65
W / M • K, has been used in many large cement rotary kiln transition zones, the average temperature of the cylinder is reduced by 50 ~ 80 ℃, and the highest drop is 120 ℃, which has good energy saving effect.
Professor Ma Chengliang introduced the research and application of composite structure thermal insulation and refractory bricks. Through the design and application of composite thermal insulation structure, the surface temperature of the cement rotary kiln barrel was effectively reduced, and the energy-saving and thermal insulation effect was achieved. Based on the trial, it is estimated that the annual calcination heat consumption per kilogram of clinker can save 7.7 kcal, and each ton of clinker can save 1.1 kilograms of standard coal. At the same time as reducing coal consumption, the amount of flue gas is correspondingly reduced, and the emissions of dust pollutants, CO2, SO2, NOX are correspondingly reduced, which promotes "low-carbon cement and green development".

The director of Weihui Tianrui Cement Co., Ltd. Su Qingfeng introduced the application of the technology at the meeting. After nearly three months of comparison, it is believed that the technology is produced by Zhengzhou Zhenjin Co., Ltd. Compared with the original cylinder temperature at the same position in meters, or when compared with the adjacent ordinary silicon bricks, the cylinder temperature can be reduced by about 100 กใ C on average, and the energy saving effect is significant.
In addition, experts and scholars such as Tongda Refractory, Henan Roka Refractory, Shengyuan (Shanghai) Environmental Protection, Henan Xingya Energy, Shanghai Evonik Special Company reported and exchanged high-strength, low-conductivity magnesium-aluminum spinel bricks, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving ceramic coatings, Mola The development and application of new silica-molybdenum bricks, nano-alumina, and high-purity aluminum-magnesium spinel from stone homogeneous materials, please also pay attention to the enterprise.

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