Yixing Keqiang Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of customer first and service first, and provides various special refractory products for domestic and foreign kiln application enterprises. The special refractory materials developed by our factory are widely used in refractory brick production, steelmaking enterprises, Kind of hardware manufacturing, chemical industry, daily ceramics, building materials and other industries, with a professional kiln construction team, hotline: 13585042015

Refractory net

Welcome to Wuxi Keqiang Refractories Network . If you are welcome to contact us for business negotiation.

Yixing Keqiang Special Refractory Factory, our factory has many years of production experience and business history. The products are widely used in production lines throughout the country. Rich resources produce excellent products that have stood the test of high temperature and high fire.

As a refractory material manufacturer , our factory has modern and advanced production lines, mainly producing various refractory materials, silicon carbide slabs, sandwich slabs, alumina crucibles (corundum crucibles), zirconia burner plates (kiln furniture), corundum tubes , Corundum burning boat, Lithium cobaltate, Ternary material, Lithium manganate, Rare earth, Box for catalyst industry, Box for magnetic materials, Box for magnetic powder, MLCC porcelain powder, Zirconia, High-purity oxidation, Zinc oxide pressure Casing bowl for varistor, airtight mullite crucible for halogen powder, daily-use ceramic, mullite shed for sanitary ware, phosphor, three primary colors, high-purity alumina and unshaped refractory castable, and The anti-corrosion, thermal insulation and construction teams have been supplied and constructed in most provinces and cities in the country, and have been well received by customers.

Our company has complete equipment and strong technical force. It has a refractory research institute with advanced and complete testing equipment. Engaged in scientific research and development and quality inspection of various refractory materials.

The main products of our company are as follows:

1. Nitrogen-oxygen composite silicon carbide, silicon carbide, chrome corundum, zirconium corundum, corundum, mullite, high alumina, clay-type wear-resistant refractory bricks and insulation brick products for green environmental protection and clean energy projects and supporting services; Refractory insulation castables, plastics and other amorphous materials.

2. Refractory series products supporting the power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and building materials industries.

3. General refractory

As a refractories company, it is always concerned about the development of refractory technology. In addition to its own research and development, it also cooperates closely with many universities and research institutions at home and abroad. It invests a lot of manpower and materials and funds to develop new products and technologies every year. There are new products on the market.

The company has an experienced professional construction team, with national secondary professional qualifications for furnace and kiln engineering. It has been used for more than 400 various industrial kiln constructions nationwide with good results.

The company can provide customers with one-stop service from the design, formulation, production and construction of refractory materials to normal operation, allowing customers to save trouble and worry.

Enterprise tenet: quality first, reputation first, customer first. Dedication to provide quality services to users at home and abroad, is willing to work together with friends from all walks of life to create a better future, I hope you all reach a consensus on the refractory network , thank you.